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Raspberry Tarte with chocolate crumble -

The Giving Pies: Raspberry Tart With Chocolate Crumble

DessertSweet Tartes

This is a quick update on The Giving Pies Project. The longest part of the whole process, I think, is to make the labels for each flavor and size of each pie. You have to make the pies, weigh them and then make the labels with the ingredients and the food allergy warnings.

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ready-for-a-blueberry slice

Blueberry Pie With Almond Topping

Sweet Tartes

Have you ever felt like you have done such a good job that you want to pat yourself on the back? That's what I feel with that Blueberry Pie With Almond Topping! I so love it that I really think that I could sell it!

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Banana Chocolate Crumble image

Banana Chocolate Crumble


If you think you're not a baker, this recipe will prove you wrong! This Banana Chocolate Crumble could not be simpler! It requires only 5 ingredients and you won't have to mess with eggs!...

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