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Cheese Crackers With Spicy Spread

Cheese Crackers with Spicy Dip
May 25 , 2016 / By / , / Post a Comment
In France, when people get together, we usually have drinks and appetizers before the meal. It's called "Apéritif" - pronounced "uh-pay-ree-teef". It's usually not taken at the dining table but in another room like the living room...

Refreshing Lentil Salad

LegumesSaladside dish
Lentils Salad plated
May 17 , 2016 / By / , , / Post a Comment
If you're anything like me, they are some foods that used to gross you out and that you, amazingly, love now. Lentils are it for me. First off, they look ugly. Small, brownish and tasteless if not well accommodated...

Cream Cheese Wontons

Cream cheese wonton inside
May 13 , 2016 / By / , / Post a Comment
When we first move to the US, in 1997, we landed in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital. This little college town was our first experience of the American life. Not, our first time in America though. We had spent a few weeks the previous summer in New-York and Washington D.C....

Mini Phyllo Appetizer Bites

AppetizerSavory tart/quiche
Mini Phyllo Appetizers bites
May 9 , 2016 / By / , , , / Post a Comment
Malagasy people love to entertain. Maybe it's because we usually have large families and gathering around food is part our culture. Since I've been in the US and especially California, I've become very fond of the Filipino culture probably because their culture reminds me of mine...

Express Flans

Express flan
May 5 , 2016 / By / , / Post a Comment
Happy Cinco de Mayo! When I think about Mexican food, my favorite is their dessert: flan. It's one of my favorite desserts. Actually, if you ask me what my favorite dessert is...

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes
April 28 , 2016 / By / , / Post a Comment
There are some flowers or fruits that immediately make you feel like summer. To me, sunflowers  and pineapples do. This juicy fruit is very common in Madagascar...

Summer Tomato Tuna Tarte

Savory tart/quiche
Summer Tomato Tuna Tart Stunning
April 27 , 2016 / By / , / 1 Comment
Summer is approaching fast and our eating habits are changing too. We don't need those heavy dishes that are slow to digest, therefore keeping us warm all day long...

Stuffed Mushrooms With Spicy Spaghetti

Main dishPasta
Stuffed Mushrooms with spicy spaghetti
April 22 , 2016 / By / , , / Post a Comment
We just got back from Cancun where we had the best of time! It was our second time in Mexico. Our first time was in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is on the west coast of Mexico while Cancun is on the east coast, by the Caribbean Sea...

Banana Chocolate Crumble

Banana Chocolate Crumble image
April 6 , 2016 / By / , , / Post a Comment
If you think you're not a baker, this recipe will prove you wrong! This Banana Chocolate Crumble could not be simpler! It requires only 5 ingredients and you won't have to mess with eggs!...

Classic Tiramisu

April 1 , 2016 / By / , / Post a Comment
Ah Tiramisu... Just saying it makes you want to sing in Italian... I know you want to try. C'mon, just do it... See! I told you! You want to sing now! This dessert is one of my favorite desserts...
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