Classic Tiramisu

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Ah Tiramisu… Just saying it makes you want to sing in Italian… I know you want to try. C’mon, just do it… See! I told you! You want to sing now! This dessert is one of my favorite desserts. I love anything custard, so Tiramisu is at the top of my list. In 2011 we spent a week in Rome where we had the chance to taste different kinds of tiramisus: the most popular were the classic, Nutella, strawberry and pineapple.



Personally, I prefer the classic because I love the combination of rum or amaretto liquor and the creamy cheese filling. But I have to say, I created an apple version of it last fall for the Kitchenaid -Food  Network contest and it is as delicious!

I’m very picky with Tiramisu. The creamy cheese filling has to be light and fluffy. I get so disappointed when I order it at the restaurant and it’s all dense and compact. Yuck! 😝 In my recipe, the cream is lightened up by folding beaten egg whites in the mascarpone cheese cream. A word of caution though: because we are working with raw eggs, we have to make sure that we are using fresh eggs to avoid salmonella contamination.

Then again, the hardest part is to wait the couple of hours for it to set. But be assured that your patience will be greatly rewarded! Enjoy!

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Classic Tiramisu Yum
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 25 minutes
Passive Time 2-3 hours
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 25 minutes
Passive Time 2-3 hours
  1. Separate the yolks and the whites from the eggs.
  2. In a large bowl, using an electric mixer with whisk attachment, beat egg yolks and the sugar until thick and pale. Add the mascarpone cheese and mix well with a wooden spoon. Add the vanilla extract and 1 tbsp of the liquor to flavor.
  3. Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks. Fold them into the mascarpone/egg cream to make a light and airy cream.
  4. In a small bowl combine the coffee and the remaining liquor. Cut each cookie in half and dip them for a couple of seconds. Letting the cookies soak too long in coffee will make them mushy and they'll fall apart. Place 2 halves at the bottom of each trifle bowls. Add a layer of mascarpone cream. Arrange another layer (use 3 halves this time). Depending on how generous you are on the cream, you may be able to add a third layer. Top with the powdered cacao.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
Recipe Notes

Please remember that because you are working with raw eggs, it is mandatory that you use the freshest product you can find due to the slight risk of salmonella or other food-borne illness. To reduce this risk, it is recommended to use only fresh, properly refrigerated, clean grade A or AA eggs with intact shells, and avoid contact between the yolks or whites and the shell.

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Classic Tiramisu
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