October 2016

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tarte pecan

Pecan Almond Tart

Sweet Tartes

I am so proud of this recipe! And it's just in time for Thanksgiving! I'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie because I have to say, I kind of dislike cinnamon.

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Fall mushroom tarte champignons

Fall Mushroom Tart

Savory tart/quiche

Fall is not only the season for pumpkins but also for beautiful wild mushrooms. One of my favorites are the chanterelles. They are so beautiful and meaty in texture. I love cooking them in omelettes but most of all in a tarte.

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Pumkin pie Tarte citrouille

Pumpkin Pie

Sweet Tartes

When I was in France, the main time pumpkins were mentioned was in fairy tales. I knew we could consume it but I had never tasted any. Now that I'm in the US, I got a new appreciation for it. It almost feels like this squash is worshiped here, from September to November.

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Zucchini tatins de courgette

Zucchini Tatins

Savory tart/quicheside dish

Did you know you can make tatins with anything? Really! It can be savory or sweet. I was looking for an elegant side dish for my dinner and I found it! Zucchini Tatins are the most elegant and the easiest side dish ever!

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Lemon Tarte

Sweet Tartes

Lemon tarte is one recipe that can be made in so many different ways. When you grow up in France, you kind of believe that there's only one way which is meringue lemon pie.

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