March 2016

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Stuffed zucchinis

Mini Stuffed Zucchinis

Main dish

The weather is really different this year, here in San Jose. It really reminds me of the weather we used to have in Bordeaux during spring. We have a saying that says: " In April, do not remove a thread (of clothing) but in May do whatever pleases you": this saying is because it would be sunny one day and would rain the other...

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Lemon crustless cheesecake

Lemon Angel Cheesecakes


Springtime makes me want to stop baking with chocolate and start using lemons and lighter flavors. And today, the recipe is again very easy...

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Stuffed avocado

Stuffed Avocado


I love avocado! I'm so blessed to live in California where avocados are everywhere, all year round! And what's not to love about avocado? Avocado is not only filling, it's loaded with the good fats that are good for your heart...

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Slice of rustic Almond Apple tart

Rustic Apple Almond Tarte

DessertSweet Tartes

A few days ago was Pi Day. My daughter is a math enthusiast and she loves pie too. So there's no way that on 3/14 we don't end up making and eating pies. I know, it's lame but I had to google translate the word "pie" to make sure that my Rustic Apple Almond Tarte fit the theme...

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 Pâte Brisée Facile Au Robot

Pie Crust

Baking basics

There are staples in the kitchen that cost so much at the store and yet are easy to make at home. Pie crust is one of them. If you have a food processor, if you're in a hurry...

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